About us

Who are Chilli?

Founded in 2010 with the mission to bring high end, expertly crafted, long lasting stunt scooters to riders across the globe. We make premium stunt scooters for all ages and all levels of ability. We believe the best sportspeople deserve the very best stunt scooters. 

Rider backed, precision engineered products made from the highest grade materials.

We use materials that will last. Decks made with the same aluminium used in airplane wings. So they are super strong yet flexible. Bars made with steel that only used to be used in the BMX world for strength that has to be seen to be believed.

But what really sets Chilli Pro Scooters apart from others is our compression system.

The Chilli Spider HIC is the only system on the market that can be used for CSCS and HIC. 

With a unique and simple technical design Chilli have achieved the best HIC / SCS 2 in one compression. It make the assembly and maintenance of the Chilli Pro scooters easy and makes Chilli scooters compatible for use with all compressions brands and systems.

Our pro rider team, in house technicians, scooter scientists and world leading engineers spend their days testing, refining and striving for excellence. So that athletes around the world can rely on their Chilli Pro scooter to take them higher. Push them further. Reward them for longer.